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Established in Eugene, Oregon, the United Sates, Cato Research Chemicals Inc. (Hereafter referred to as CATO), which is specialized in manufacturing reference standards, has become a leading high-tech company in the industry through years of development. For many years, CATO has been maintaining good corporative relationships with governmental agencies, pharmaceutical enterprises, testing organizations and laboratories in universities. 

CATO, which currently provides laboratories in more than 80 countries and nations all over the world with tens of thousands of reference standards mainly including chemical reference substances for drug impurities, industrial reference standards, reference standards for food safety inspection and phytoextraction etc., will also offer midbody as well as BPC of small packets. Meanwhile, CATO also provides customized synthesis services.

CATO ensures that all the staffs satisfy requirements of ISO9001:2008 QMS and all the products are of high quality. In addition, CATO through the Guide 34 standard substance production system and passing ISO17025 laboratory certification,also endeavor to provide perfect services to clients, no matter wherever the clients are.

Enjoying a full range of reference standards covering environment, food, pesticide, textile and inorganic areas etc., CATO can provide over 6,000 high-quality reference standards for medicine and drug impurities, industrial products and food safety inspection respectively. Moreover, CATO also offers high-quality reference standards for more than 5,000 natural extracts. Reference standards include 100% standard substance, standard solutions, standard solutions with single substance, standards solutions with mixed substances and whole sets of solutions with reference standards etc. Packing specifications vary from 1mL economical liquid type to 10mg and 500mg self-servicing pure standards. What is more, CATO can also customize standards samples of different components and concentrations according to requirements of the clients, satisfying requirements of various experiments.

Quality guarantee: CATO provides analysis certificates (COA), GC/LC-MS, CNMR, IR, HMBC, UV, optical rotation spectrum as well as 3D MRI etc. for each series of reference standards.

Industrial reference standards include AZO, phthalate, organic tin, PAHs, disperse dye, organic acid, amino acid, aflatoxin, flame retardant, antioxidant, preservative, alcohols and alkane. 

Pharmary reference standards:Anti-cancer drugs, Anti-infective drug, Antivirus drugs, Immune system drugs, Breathing system drugs,Cardiovascular drugs, Anti-metabolism drug,Nervous system drugs, Psychiatric drugs, Urinary system drugs, Digestive system drugs, Antipyretic analgesic drugs, Hematological system drugs, Hormone drugs
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